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Advance Products and Systems Innerlynx Link Seals

The most advanced Modular Mechanical Link Seal System on the market. 

Made in the U.S.A. by Advanced Products and Systems (APS), the Interlynx Link Seal System offers our clients a faster pipe sealing method over your everyday caulk, grout or mastic. Along with being a faster, more streamlined pipe sealing method, the Interlynx Link Seals are more durable as well and are specifically designed to absorb vibrations, shocks, sound waves and to act as a sound dampener while electrically isolating the carrier pipe from the penetrated structure. 


At Thomas C. McCarthy & Associates we supply our contractor and engineering clients with only the best performing products on the market. We choose to 

represent Advance Products and Systems because they provide highest quality products that are needed in many applications across the commercial plumbing and mechanical industry, and the work flawlessly with our leading product line, Thermacor Pre-Insulated Underground Pipe. We keep the most common link seal sizes in stock and ready to ship same day via Fed-Ex.


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Address: 29 Berkley Rd. Devon, PA 19333

Phone: (610) 389-9157


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