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TCMA works with engineers in both the plumbing and mechanical fields to help provide application selections and budget pricing for each of our product lines.

Whatever the application, fuel source, or industry, Hubbell can provide a solution to your water heating needs. We offer an extensive range of water heating products and turn-key / modular packages for Commercial, Industrial, Foodservice, Marine/Offshore, Naval markets, and Brewery/Distilleries.

Peerless Pump is one of the largest manufacturers of vertical pumps in the industry. With over 70 years of progressive Peerless designing, engineering and manufacturing, our pumps are proven with thousands of single and multiple vertical pump unit installations around the world

Thermacor is a leading provider of pre-insulated piping systems in the industrial, commercial,institutional, power generation, and military piping markets among others. manufacturing superior systems for steam, condensate, chilled water, heating water, high temperature hot water, cryogenics, jet fuel, solvents, oil, and other domestic and industrial applications including those systems that require heat tracing or freeze protection. We also offer services for stress analysis, heat gain/loss calculations and infrared thermography of your piping system

APS Product Summary

INNERLYNX form a mechanical seal between pipes going through walls, floors, vaults, tanks and pipeline casings. Besides being designed to form a hydrostatic seal of up to 40 PSIG and up to 92.28 ft. of head pressure, INNERLYNX help absorb vibrations, shocks, and sound waves. Being non-conductive, INNERLYNX electrically isolate the inner carrier pipe from the penetrated structure. With this being a desired property in many applications in preventing a shorting effect from stray currents, it is particularly useful in sealing the gap between electrical conduit and the outer conduit or between electrical conduit and the opening. INNERLYNX can be installed easily and quickly by one worker with no special tools required.

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